RENO Low temperature Plasma Sterilizer
to be used for a wide range of instruments efficiently,
effectively and safely

Advanced technology
formulated in private microbiology

Ensure maximum safety
for healthcare professionals, patients
and the environment.

Plasma Sterilizer

Plasma Sterilizer utilizes Plasma and Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology.
As an Sterilant , Hydrogen peroxide chemical is relatively non-toxic

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RENO-Station displays the cycle and sterilization parameter status.
You can check the sterilization cycle status and sterilization parameters.

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RENO Monitoring system

Monitoring is essential for correct infection control in any clinic or hospital. User-friendly, program which offers enhanced monitoring and provides the control and flexibility you need.

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Renosem Products


Low temperature Plasma sterilizer

More rapid, more advanced
low temperature sterilization

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RENO Consumables & Accessories

Validated to ensure the sterility Consumables for use with RENOSEM Sterilization System

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Sterilization Validation Test

Validation Test includes installation, operation, and performance qualification

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Renosem Notice

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