Benefits & Features

• Rectangular Chamber Design

benefits01 – Removable sliding shelf for better chamber capacity

• Single-use Cassette

benefits02 – Easy to load Single-use Cassette
– Syringe-type sterilization agent for fixed amount of hydrogen peroxide

• Touch Screen Interface

benefits03 – Provides data for sterilizing process in real-time
– User friendly system
– Engineer friendly system through the Maintenance mode

• Memory Card

benefits04 – Data storage system with memory card

• Thermal Printer

benefits05 – Post-sterilization record withall key information

• Speedy

benefits06 – Completion of whole sterilization cycle within an hour

• Safety

benefits07 – Harmless to the human body and environment

• Convenience

benefits08 – Easy to install wherever user wants
– Automatic control system for emergency situations

• Plasma Technology

The plasma, generated under atmospheric pressure as well as in a vacuum state, improves the sterilization efficacy and decomposition after sterilization
benefits09 Two types of RENO PLASMA SYSTEM

Sterilization Plasma

DBD(Dielectric Barrier Discharge) Plasma

React with H2O2 vapor to promote production of
OH free radical and improve sterilization efficacy

Abatement Plasma

AC Plasma Discharge

H2O2 → Water vapor (H2O) + Oxygen (O2) Dissolve

• Approved strong penetration power – PCD (Process Challenge Device) lumen Test

Helix PCD test proves that the RENO sterilization system has strong enough penetration power  to sterilize single & double channel lumens, which is differentiated from other plasma sterilizers.

Single & Double – Channel Stainless Steel Lumen

Eco Cycle: 1Øx500mm
Advanced Cycle 1Ø x 1,000mm

Single & Double – Channel Teflon Flexible Lumen

Eco Cycle: 1Ø x 1,500mm
Advanced Cycle 1Ø x 12,000mm

Single-through Lumen

Advanced Cycle 2Ø x 1,500mm
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