Benefits & Features

• Efficiency-maximized inside of the chamber

benefits01 - Built-in upper and lower impellers for strong cleaning effect
- Highly durable with SUS304 stainless steel

• Pouch type detergent

benefits02 - Convenient use and replacement of detergents
- Several types of detergents according to characteristics of cleaning objects

• Easy-to-operate LCD panel & Touch Pad

benefits03 - Easy to monitor the course of a process including remaining time and temperature, etc.
- The waterproof touchpad also works on wet hands or surgical rubber gloves.

• USB Storage system

benefits04 – Data storage system with USB

• Fast cleaning speed

benefits05 - Rapid speed within 24 minutes.
- Low cost and high efficiency with fast cleaning

• Compact size

- 45cm wide and 63cm high
- Easy to install and use in a limited space

• Safety

- Automatic locking system for protecting users

• Strong cleaning efficiency

- Impeller located on the top and bottom sides.
- Water reaches on the bottom side from the upper impeller and water reaches on the upper side of the chamber from the lower impeller.