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bl01 What is washing?

Washing is removing all foreign substances (dirt, various organic matter, etc.) from the target using water, mechanical friction, detergent, and enzyme. As a preceding process to disinfection and sterilization, without the washing process, disinfecting and sterilizing are not processed safely; therefore, all foreign substances must be perfectly removed through the washing process.

bl01 The problem with Washing with Hands?

The majority of hospitals still clean their medical equipment with hands. By washing the medical equipment with hands, the infected water may splatter onto the worker’s mouth or skin and result in their infection. Also, parts like hinges that require more attention are hard to wash and the quality of cleaning can be inconsistent due to different worker qualities and several other variables.

bl01 Pros to the Medical Washer Disinfector?

With the medical washer disinfector, you are able to use the dedicated tray to wash several pieces of equipment at once, therefore, is more efficient than washing each equipment separately using hands. Also, sterilization through high-temperature water allows for a safer management and usage of the medical equipment.