Plasma Sterilizer

bl01 Plasma Sterilizer takes advantage of Plasma and Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology.

As an Sterilant, a hydrogen peroxide chemical is relatively non-toxic, however hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidant and these oxidizing properties allow it to destroy a wide range of pathogens and it is used to sterilize heat or temperature sensitive articles such as rigid and flexible endoscopes.The biggest advantage of hydrogen peroxide as a sterilant is the short cycle time.
Whereas the cycle time for ethylene oxide (EtO) may be 10 to 15 hours, the reaction of Plasma and hydrogen peroxide vapor allows for a much shorter cycle time.
Some plasma sterilizers have a cycle time as short as 40~50 minutes. On the other hand, Plasma sterilizers have some drawbacks.
Hydrogen peroxide has some limitations because of a process called cellulostics; this is a process whereby hydrogen peroxide may be completely absorbed by paper products.
Nevertheless hydrogen peroxide offers significant advantages in terms of throughput as well as environment-friendliness as it decomposes to form oxygen and water thus leaving no long term residues.

bl01 Advantages and benefits


bl01 Run more, sterilize more with RENO-series!


bl01 The theory of Plasma Sterilizer

The reaction of Plasma and H2O2 gas disrupts the metabolism of microorganisms.
Hydrogen peroxide gas completely decomposes into vapor water and oxygen as a byproduct.

bl01 PCD (Process challenge device) Test

Lumen PCD (Process challenge device) test Single-Channel Polyethylene & Teflon flexible : Internal diameter > 1φ (1mm) and length < 12,000mm (12m) Rigid endoscopes : Internal diameter > 1φ (1mm) and length < 1,000mm (1m)
Helix PCD (Process Challenge Device) consists of a tube, which is at one end closed with a chemical indicator. PCD device is equipped with test strips that clearly indicate the sterilization status.Chemical Indicators used inside the PCD can monitor the internal services of hollow MIS instruments to ensure that sterilization has been achieved successfully with the advantage of having the results of the sterilization process made available immediately. It proves that it’s difficult to remove air inside the hollow lumens and hollow lumens tend to collect non-condensable gases inside the lumen or MIS instruments. The physical data regarding such matters as pressure or temperature can’t indicate these kinds of malfunctions.Once this occurs, the inner surface of surgical devices such as Trocar and other complicated hollow instruments and porous loads won’t meet a 10-6 SAL (Sterility Assurance Level). In the RENO plasma sterilization system, the efficacy of sterilization inside helix PCD results in excellent performance as air tightness between the PCD chamber and the hose is effectively removed.

bl01 Lumen PCD (Process challenge device) Validation Test

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