LowTemperaturePlasma Sterilizer

1. Sterilant residual-free system
2. Ergonomic design / Single-use cassette type sterilant
3. Thermal Printer
4. Table-top design

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Compact design

Table-top design, RENO-S20, is the most suitable sterilizer for Dental Clinic and Ophthalmic Clinic. Rectangular shape chamber accommodates most of surgical instruments.* Chamber total volume : 18 Liters / Usable volume : 17 Liters


User-friendly design

Chamber of rectangular shape allows user to put a large number of items in the sterilizer. Not only free contact with chamber wall makes user feel comfortable while user put materials such as metal instruments, but also allows to put a large number of items in the sterilizer. Easy installation, easy-to-run and easy-to-use monitoring and operation with touch screen monitor Just plug-in power, no specific facilities such as vent & water supply line.


Broad range of instruments

Safe and strong sterilization efficacy make a broad range of surgical instruments and devices; cardiac catheters; implants; rigid scopes, single-channel flexible endoscopes, cameras, light cords, batteries, power drills, etc. Thanks to no aeration time after completely sterilization, immediately use or packaged storage for later use (time-related or event-related) are possible.


Applicable to Heat-sensitive and Fine instrument

RENO’s low temperature plasma sterilization technology is more gentler on rigid scopes than steam sterilizer, fewer repairs are required and it results in getting cost-benefit. More gentler process enables that most medical and surgical devices are compatible with RENO’s plasma sterilization system.


Safe technology to user and patient & Considering environment friendliness

Syringe-type sterilization agent for fixed hydrogen peroxide input quantity provides easy-to-use and safe handling. No harmful and non-toxic vapor water and oxygen remain as byproducts of sterilization process.


Rapid turnaround time of devices

Short sterilization cycle time within 21min. (Eco Cycle)/ 38 min. (Advanced Cycle) gives rapid device turnaround benefit. Rapid device turnaround cuts down unnecessary inventories of costly devices and results in relieving financial burden in the hospital.


Strong Penetration power - Proven PCD (Process Challenge Device) test

Narrower internal diameter and longer hollow devices can be processed in RENO plasma sterilization system.
Eco 21minutes cycle time for instruments such as Single-Channel Polyethylene & Teflon flexible (internal diameter ≥ 1Ø and length ≤1,500mm) or rigid tubes and endoscopes with Stainless steel(internal diameter ≥ 1Ø and length ≤ 500mm).

Advanced 38minutes cycle time for most instruments such as Single-Channel Polyethylene & Teflon flexible (internal diameter ≥ 1Ø and length ≤ 12,000mm) or rigid tubes and endoscopes with Stainless steel (internal diameter ≥ 1Ø and length ≤ 1,000mm).
Helix PCD test proves that RENO sterilization system can set it definitely apart from other plasma sterilizers by powerful penetration into * single-through lumen (2Ø × 1,500mm). Helix PCD chamber containing a class 1 chemical strip is connected to a hose of Teflon (2Ø × 1,500mm).
In RENO plasma sterilization system, efficacy of sterilization results in excellent performance by means of effectively removing air tightness between the lumen chamber and the hose.

* Single-through lumen : lumen with one-end closed