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bl01 Sterilization Validation Service

Sterilization Validation Services is responsible for the sterilization and validation of single use and reusable products and related documentation. Sterilization Validation Service promises to assist you in your choice and evaluation of the ideal sterilization methodology best suited to your product. RENO Sterilization Validation includes an array of documentation, tools and expertise required to successfully qualify and validate with accepted IQ/OQ/PQ protocols.RENOSEM Co., Ltd. develops protocol and provides Validation & Re-validation service based on the newest equipment, professionals and technical personnel.

bl01 Installation Qualification

Installation Qualification (IQ) provides documentaryevidence that the equipment has been built and installedto specification, and that all supporting servicesare availableand connected properly.

bl01 Operation Qualification

Operational Qualification (OQ) provides documentedevidence that the sterilizer operates in accordance withdesign specifications. The OQ validation examines the sterilizer’s ability to run the sterilization process correctlyand to respond appropriately to error conditions, assuring that the sterilizer performs as intended

bl01Performance Qualification

Performance Qualification (PQ) documents the sterilizer’sability to achieve the desired outcome (i.e. sterilizationof specific loads when operated in accordance with predefined operating procedures).